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Since 2008, Altitude & Plenitude dresses men measuring up to 2 m15.


My name is Wilfried Thiant and I am 1m99 tall.

In 1995 I started working for the Inditex group, at Zara as head of the men’s department and trainer.

Then, from 2003 to 2011, I created my own network of 5 shops still in the textile by distributing major brands of jeans of standard sizes.


Today, I am developing Altitude & Plenitude .

In parallel, I work all over France as a sales coach in the automotive and mobility sectors.


The basis of the offer has always been the production of very long trousers, 105 cm crotch: jeans, chinos, cargo, joggings.

Now, shirts, sweaters, cardigans, sweatshirts are and will be offered in short or permanent collection.


When you measure more than 1m95, the standard shops offer very few adapted lengths .

Some customers don’t understand it, but 

everything is logically a matter of profitability.


All products sold on this site are in stock and therefore deliverable within 3 days  .

All products and collection choices  , from fabric to measurements and gradations are made in-house and made by me.

Before each production, a prototype is made to establish the reaction of the fabric to the cut and washing.

Then, the productions are carried out by workshops and factories established in Portugal or Turkey .


Our manufacturers are real professionals who work for international brands.


Our customers measure on average 2m05 , but our products are designed for men measuring up to 2 m15.


Regarding the structure, for a question of flexibility as well as requirement, the choice was made to use only subcontractors.

Logistics, manufacturers, modellers, etc. are all subcontractors for the brand.


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